To My Daughter

I wrote this in 2016 before my daughter was born. This is the message that I wanted her to have if I was to die early.

My lovely girl, I have loved you before you were born. I’m writing this as a gift for your first birthday. I want to tell you about the gift that I have been given. This gift is not a thing nor is it even a thought. It is something more beautiful than the sunset. This gift can’t actually be given. In fact, this is less of a gift and more of an inheritance. All people can inherit this, but not all will. I’m going to do my very best to point at where this inheritance can be found, but sadly I won’t be able to give it to you.

As the days count down to your birth, I dream about what type of person you will be. I wonder about what type of life that you will choose for yourself. I ask myself – how can I guide you to be the person that you want to be? I don’t necessarily want life to be easy for you like I hear that some parents want. Rather, I want you to be you. I want you to come into this world and find your foothold and stand firm. I want to help you have a better foundation than I did, so that you can do more in this world.

This is the story of my soul. It points at your inheritance, but it is not it.

Both of your parents come from different continents and cultures. Our bloodlines have been separate for thousands of years. Yet, they have met again with you.

If you start to look back at your ancestors, you will see something astounding. For each generation that you go back the amount of ancestors is increasing by a power of two.

1gen 2gen 3gen 4gen 5gen 6gen 7gen 8gen 8gen 9gen 10gen
 1    2    4    16   32   64  128  256  512  1024 2048

They say that on average a human generation is 25.5 years. This means that in just 255 years, your ancestors will have reached 2,048. In just 20 generations (510 years), you would have had 1,048,576 ancestors. In the year 1500, there were around 450 million people on the planet and 0.4% would have been your ancestors. Can you imagine that? Over a million family members? Try the math yourself. See how the percentage of the population that is your family increases the further that you go back.

I hope that you can see now how your family gets big quickly when you go back in generations. In fact, if you go back far enough, you find out that all people are part of your family. According to the latest creation myth, us as humans, have been around for 80,000 years. You are part of a lineage of birth that goes back to the very first people. The first people even had parents and their parents were more like animals than the people that you are familiar with. Yet, even they had parents. If you go back far enough (around 3.5 billion years), you find out that at one time there was only one type of life. That life gave birth to three children. One of them was bacteria, another was a bacteria-like microbe, and the third child was the mother of plants and animals.

This is why all life is surprisingly similar. It is because we are distant relatives, that some plants have medical properties that have effects on people. At its very essence, all life is one. Every animal, plant, bacteria and human is part of a large family. This is why it is so important to have reverence for life. Even if you forget it, we are still part of a larger organism that is so much bigger than our limited perception of self.

One of the saddest parts of belonging to this family is that we are forced to consume each other in order to stay alive. The transfer of energy from lifeform to lifeform causes unimaginable suffering for all of life. Typically, lifeforms consume other lifeforms that have less consciousness than themselves because they make easier prey. The brutality of the act of eating can be easy to ignore, but it is a fact. We as humans take part in this to live. We cause immense suffering to the other beings (be they plants or animals) in this world that we eat and that is why we suffer so much in our own lives. We are part of the cycle of suffering and pain of life. This cannot be escaped. Life will have suffering. Some may be avoidable and other suffering may not. Realizing this and not fighting the inevitability of suffering is the path to avoiding more suffering. Loving the beings that we eat and not wasting their energy in how we live our lives is how we give thanks for their sacrifice.

As we open our hearts to the truth that our self is a small but important part of all of life and the universe, we are like a blind person who starts to see. Our minds can imagine the significance of this and trick ourselves into thinking that we understand this. It is one thing when this is just information and it is an entirely different thing when it is an unshakable reality in one’s being. My advice to you, is to find this as soon as you can. This is the start of finding your inheritance. Realize that I will die. Realize that you will die. Realize that all of life will perish and consume each other. Realize that there will be new life birthed and that everything will renew. You and I are both part of this beautiful dance and it is of the utmost importance that you can see this with clear eyes. Once your heart acknowledges this truth, then your life will begin. This is one’s second birth.

One of my own amazing realizations was that I am part of the material of the universe. My very bones are indivisible from the rest of the matter in the universe. There is no hard line dividing my body from the rest of the soup of life. Yet, if I am part of the universe, this means that the universe is perceiving itself. It is looking back into its own eyes. Even beyond what we typically call life, we participate in the movement of the entire universe.

Coming to this realization alone will transform your life significantly and is the prerequisite for a life of meaning. This is why it is so important to find this place because it is your true home. When you see this, your fears of death will start to be settled and you will have a foundation to truly live.

Each of our lives seems so small when we look at a larger scale, yet we are immensely larger than the atoms that make up our bodies. Our lives give us choice about what we do in the world and we can directly create and destroy freely. In this way, we can participate in the creation of the universe. In this way, we are co-creators of the universe. Every act we make. Every movement is an act of creation. No matter how small an action is, it is linked into a chain of causation much larger than any of us is capable of understanding. This is why it is so important to learn how to let something larger than yourself manifest through you.

In this act of letting something larger than ourselves manifest through our self we find our true self. We transcend time and directly participate in the raw creation of reality. When we are in this place, our decisions become real and tangibly affect the lives of countless people connected to us. Things in the past can be healed and the future can be prepared as a place of love. This activity is the essence of my life and it stands in stark contradiction to the usual way of life.

The usual way of life is one of sleep – that is to say one is not letting something larger than oneself manifest through oneself. There is only the basic animal drives and desires present when one isn’t in touch with this larger something. There is nothing wrong with the drives and desires that are part of our heritage as mammals, but to limit oneself to them would be a tragedy.

Moreover, there are those in our society whose selfishness and lack of connection are so great that they are driven by forces that are below that of mammals. Within our society these people have almost supernatural powers over those who are just sleepy. They have no attachment to what others think and feel. They are totally free from all restraints but one. They are an eternal slave to their own egos and are unable to come into contact with anything greater than themselves. These types of people are often referred to as psychopaths or sociopaths. You should familiarize yourself with their traits and behaviors because you will encounter them in your life. They are like a dangerous reptile who cares only about their own survival and treats all other beings as food.

Psychopaths are sometimes born that way and are sometimes self-made. They can be any gender. They can be geniuses or dumb as rocks. They can come from privileged backgrounds or broken families. What they all have in common is the propensity to treat people as objects. These people are in the highest ranks of government and religion. They will do whatever they can do to psychologically manipulate people to their whims. They aren’t necessarily organized in the conventional sense. Rather they are united by collective egoism. There isn’t a secret society controlling the world (as far as I can tell), but more horrifyingly it is completely out of control.

People are born and they die every single day. People get older and fill in the roles laid out by the ones who came before. New psychopaths fill the roles of old ones. New egos battle with old egos with neither one having compassion for others. This is the horror of the situation. No one is in charge. Our patterns of behavior are set like computer software and replicated from human to human. As long as the general population is asleep, then the software of the psychopaths will run most people’s minds.

This is why it is so important to let God (a name given to the unknowable something greater than oneself) manifest through one in the world. This vaccinates you against the lies of the psychopaths – it doesn’t provide immunity, but it helps. By letting God work through you into the world you are actively transforming the world. You are counteracting the influence of the psychopaths on the world. You are bringing the many manifestations of love into the world. When that love is brought in, it passes from person to person and has an unknowable effect. It is transformative in a way that you will never understand.

For the last 12,000 years since humans started the first city states, we have been in a struggle between those who manifest the love of God on earth and those who spread lies that seek to keep people in bondage. Many messengers of God’s love have come and many power hungry kings, priests and warmongers have come. All in all we have seen a transformation of the world due to the work of these messengers. We only know a fraction of the names of the messengers for they do their work without seeking recognition.

Perhaps more important than the messengers is the masses of ordinary people who carry on the work of love in the world. Those people have touched something beyond their ego and now have the capacity to let light flow into the world from an unconditioned place. Being a conduit of this light is one of the only things of lasting meaning in life. This is why it is so important that one come to experience something greater than one’s limited self.

I love you with all my heart. Make the best of this life by living with freedom and joy.

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